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QMS Marine provides quality diversified marine services suited for our client´s requirements and that exceed industry standards. We aim to deliver with honesty and integrity the most effective services in relation to Marine Surveys, Marine Valuations, Cargo Inspections, Flag Inspections, Marine Accident Investigations, Damage Surveys and Marine Consultancy.

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We currently work closely with and provide our services to Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Charterers, P&I Clubs, Hull and Machinery Underwriters, and Attorneys.

We are a group of Marine Engineers, Master Mariners and Naval Architects working closely with clients to fulfill their requirements in terms of safeguarding life, property, and the environment.

Casualty Response Line

We are on site at the Panama Canal Pacific and Atlantic Anchorages. We are able to respond 24/7 at both anchorages with support from staff and equipment.

For Marine Casualty Response, please contact us:

Mission & Vision


Provide economic value to our clients through our work with competent personnel, with quality, safety, committed to the protection of the environment and social responsibility of our client´s assets, products and systems, which results in reducing risk and improving performance.


That Qualitas Marine Surveyors be recognized nationally and internationally as a solid, professional company that generates trust and security in the provision of services, where our team may be our best letter of introduction.

Code of Ethics

At Qualitas Marine Surveyors we work with seven ethical principles that underpin our actions as professionals at the service of the National and International Maritime community.


We will respect, without exception, the dignity of people, their rights and freedoms based on their work.


We will show technical, legal and moral aptitude, as an essential condition for the access and exercise of our work.


We will be honest to fully fulfill our duties promptly and efficiently.


We will guarantee access to technical information guaranteeing veracity with respect to it.


We will be reserved with respect to facts or information that we become aware of due to or in the occasion of our work, without prejudice to the duties and responsibilities that correspond under the regulations to apply to the privacy of our clients.


We will not engage in situations, activities or interests that are incompatible with our work and that present a conflict of interest.


We will promote and support with personal example the principles established in this Code of Ethics.

Quality Objectives

Qualitas Marine Surveyors has established quality objectives to meet the highest standards of customer service and as support of the quality policy.

These objectives demonstrate the highest level of management commitment to meeting customer needs and continuous improvement of the organization.

  • Issuing the final reports as the result of an inspection within no more than ten days after the inspection is completed, in those cases where our inspector is solely responsible for collecting the evidence.
  • Issuing the final reports as a result of an inspection within a term of no longer than ten days after the inspection is completed and received the information from a client or a third party, in those cases where our inspector depends on client’s information.
  • Maintain a margin of non-conforming product below 10% of the total cases assisted per year.
  • Keep our inspectors updated on matters relating to the services offered by Qualitas Marine Surveyors.
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