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Marine Surveys

QMS Marine offers a comprehensive Hull & Machinery (‘H&M’) service to ship owners, underwriters, brokers, law firms and other related parties. With technical experts in Hull & Machinery surveying and inspections, we investigate cause, nature and extent of damage or failure, as well as offer accurate estimates of repair costs and duration, for all types of marine H&M claims.

Our qualified team members composed of marine engineers, master mariners, naval architects and electrical engineers, can efficiently respond to our clients’ H&M needs no matter where they are located.

We offer the following Hull and Machinery related services:

  • All types of marine diesel engine, steam/gas turbines, and auxiliary machinery.
  • Bunker and oil contamination.
  • New buildings.
  • Repairs, preparation of specifications, bid documents, management and supervision.
  • Dry docking.
  • Hull, tank and hold surveys.
  • Steelwork and welding.

Our surveyors and consultants can investigate and report on the following P&I-related matters:

  • Collisions
  • Groundings
  • Pollution
  • Cargo issues (liquid cargo quality/quantity, liquefaction, container loss)
  • Personal injury
  • Wreck removal

we provide assistance to the master and owners at a time which may be their first experience with an accident. We then provide the club with essential information captured in a quick report format so that the claims handler can take the correct immediate actions to protect their members – for example, by engaging lawyers or salvors.

Once the situation is stabilised, we will carry out a thorough investigation. We will collect contemporaneous evidence, both electronic and paper-based, and if required, take statements from the crew in a legal format.

We will facilitate reciprocal ‘without prejudice’ surveys in order to record the damage and estimate repair costs. We will liaise with the opposing interests to continue inspections and record progress as the vessels are being repaired.

Once back in the office, if it proves necessary to obtain further data to support the investigation of causation, we can source third-party information, such as from AIS and VTIS and create 2D and 3D replays as necessary.

Receive detailed, accurate charter surveys. QMS Marine has the expertise to determine the condition of vessels and equipment at the time of an on-charter and a subsequent survey at the time of an off-charter to determine changes in condition.

Receive detailed and comprehensive surveys. We inspect the overall integrity of the subject and provide a complete report. We document the vessel’s outfitting and overall general condition.

A vessel condition survey is a statement of fact. Our vessel surveyors and inspectors report on the condition of a particular vessel’s hull and machinery, and other equipment condition at the given time of the inspection.

The survey will typically determine the working or operational condition of equipment and management systems, including their certification status.

We work with vessel owners, charterers, and insurance interests, including Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Clubs, in providing condition surveys for vessels and fleets of all types, sizes and purpose.

A comprehensive and forensic pre-purchase survey is standard practice when considering the acquisition of any offshore asset, vessel, small craft or fleet. The pre-purchase survey offers a detailed independent overview of the condition of an asset ahead of purchase, with detailed breakdown of any defects or causes for concern.

We aim to support financial institutions, insurers and vessel owners in their risk assessment process ahead of a purchase, with technical due diligence and pre-purchase vessel surveys.

Our pre-purchase surveys include, but are not limited to, inspection of the following aspects:

  • Record searches.
  • Inspections of hull and machinery.
  • Equipment inspection and testing.
  • Management systems inspections and observance.
  • Certification inspection.

We can verify the suitability of a vessel’s structural integrity, outfitting, equipment, certifications and crew for operations on a specific job or service.

We can provide nondestructive testing of metal thickness with audio gauge and tightness of hatch covers, watertight doors and more with our ultrasonic testing equipment.

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