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Cargo Loss, Damage and Loss Prevention

Assisting importers, exporters, insurance companies, brokers, attorneys and financial institutions, we provide our international client base with pre-shipment, post-shipment, loss prevention, loading, discharge and damage surveys for all types of cargo equipment – whether break bulk, containerized, or in storage -.

We have expertise in steel, wood, paper, rubber, coffee, machinery, electronics, food products, pharmaceuticals, general consumer goods and dry bulk commodities.

 We are also able to assist with:

  • Steel breakbulk discharge surveys.
  • Loading surveys.
  • Cargo loss investigations and claims.
  • Condition and mitigation for insurance.
  • Salvage.
  • Petroleum Products.
  • Chemicals and gases.
  • Break-bulk and baggaged cargoes.
  • Edible oils.
  • Ores, coals, grains, fertilizers and other bulk cargoes.
  • Steel.
  • Containers.
  • Ro-ro cargoes.
  • Reefer cargoes

Our team prides itself on taking an appropriate and effective course of action including on-site attendance, loss mitigation, loss prevention and subrogation/recovery recommendations.

Marine Cargo Warranty Surveys

Across all marine sectors, development of projects often require marine transportation of large-scale modular cargo amongst other project-critical and high-value equipment and assets. Loadout, transportation, offloading and discharge operations of warranted project cargo, come with their own set of risks.

QMS Marine has experience as MWS on all types of cargo transportation projects on various types of vessels, including general cargo ships, heavy lift ships, flat top cargo barges, with loading and discharge operations generally undertaken using either shore-side cranes or the ship’s own derricks.

We have experience, as well with the use of ro-ro vessels for project cargo operations, with the cargo being loaded and discharged using heavy haul trailers, transporters and SPMTs.

We are also familiar with land transportation operations to the loading port or from discharge port to site, including final placement at the site location.

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