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We offer professional testimony in the fields of Valuation, Safety, Regulations, Marine Surveying, Vessel Operations, Salvage, Cargo Handling, Navigation, Machinery, and related categories. A QMS Marine team member can serve as your expert witness.

Our teams include industry-recognised expert witnesses from marine and other engineering disciplines, highly experienced in providing written and oral expert evidence individually and in multi-disciplined teams, to support legal proceedings concerning marine claims, disputes and litigation.

Our personnel have given expert opinion and evidence by deposition at arbitration and court for maritime disputes and litigations in Panama, including disputes and formal enquiries into high-profile incidents. We analyze stability, structural strength, navigational assessment and mooring analysis for our investigations.

Our work in claims, disputes and litigation covers practically every aspect of the marine business. The main areas of our involvement include collisions, total loss, salvage and wreck removal, marine pollution, cargo damage, hull and machinery damage, fixed object damage, damage to berths and ports, slow steaming, navigation, new buildings, conversions and vessel repair, bunkers and oils, oil shortage, charter party disputes, seaworthiness and personal injury.

Amongst our expert witnesses are naval architects, structural engineers, master mariners, marine superintendents, civil engineers, ex-pilots, marine engineers, civil engineers, and mechanical engineers, amongst other marine and engineering disciplines. Our expert witnesses also bring to their work a wealth of project experience across maritime industries.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Bunker disputes.
  • Cargo disputes.
  • Collisions and grounding.
  • Fixed object damage.
  • Machinery failure.
  • Mooring failure.
  • Navigational disputes.
  • Personal injury.


  • Port and terminal infrastructure.
  • Project cargo loading/discharge.
  • Salvage and wreck removal.
  • Seaworthiness issues.
  • Shipyard construction disputes.
  • Towage issues.
  • Voyage analysis.
  • Weather-environmental damage.
  • Pollution.
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