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Technical Due Diligence and Advisory Services

When considering purchase of a vessel or fleet, port/terminal or other maritime assets, investment or lending to, clients need to have detailed data available to them in advance. They need to understand the reliability of current sources of income and the potential risks and liabilities. Our role as technical due diligence advisor is to help our client make the right business decision.

With our processes and expertise we help identify the limitations and opportunities of an investment in a merger or acquisition so our clients can make those decisions early and with the right information at hand.

We undertake technical due diligence studies on behalf of private equity and debt financiers in support of the purchase of vessels, fleets, newbuilds and sale/leaseback options covering analysis of OPEX and CAPEX assumptions, management capabilities and performance, condition of hardware and uplift requirements, regulatory and compliance reviews and long-term capitalisation needs.

With our assistance, owners and financial institutions can obtain an objective expert view on the actual project performance or asset value, as an important input to the decision-making process related to loans, consolidation or acquisitions. With a combination of Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Master Mariners and Consultants that have been in charge of engineering and project management; and mariners that have been in charge of vessels and other major marine operations, QMS is extremely well placed to perform independent technical due diligence.

Our experience of managing repairs, conversion and newbuild projects positions us to be able to accurately advise on the technical aspects of those projects and the suitability of facilities that are proposed for those projects. This experience enables us to bring to clients a unique technical perspective in assessing vessel assets, their associated risks or current exposures, supporting Hold or Exit strategies.

Our services include:

  • Market studies.
  • Pre and post contract reviews.
  • Assessment of project schedule feasibility.
  • CAPEX and/or OPEX budget evaluation.
  • Evaluation of operating and maintenance costs.
  • Review of building and operation.
  • Technology assessment.
  • Monitoring; construction and operation.


  • Pre-purchase vessel inspections.
  • Pre-charter vessel inspections and off-hire vessel surveys.
  • Desktop reviews – vessels, fleets, offshore assets, ports.
  • Condition assessment inspections.
  • Tailored Valuations of Assets.
  • Portfolio review and monitoring.
  • Office Audits / Review
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